Celebrate Bengali New Year Pahela Boishakh


Celebrate Bengali New Year!

The Bengali New Year also known as Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. It is celebrated on 14th April of every year in Bangladesh. In West Bengal, it is celebrated on the 15th April. The Bengali calendar is just like the Indian solar calendar but has many other variants. The Bengali New Year start from dawn where people are seen singing and dancing. There are a number of fairs and other events where people love to go with their families and friends. The people of Bangladesh are very traditional and enjoy watching classical plays and listen to singers perform folk songs to welcome the New Year. This day is a national holiday and people of Bangladesh enjoy it to the fullest.


Bangladesh is quite famous for food, special dishes are made on this day. The Bengali New Year is not completed without some freshly prepared Bengali delicacies. Since the day is full of festivities, sweet dishes are more popular than savory food. Traditional sweets like Payesh, Rosogollas and Ras Malai are prepared for this day for everyone to enjoy. For Lunch, the people of Bangladesh enjoy eating fish and rice. Famous eateries are open for the entire day offering the locals dishes at low prices. There are plenty of restaurant that offer discounts so that everyone can enjoy this day.

In Dhaka and other cities, the festival starts with local civilians gathering under a big tree. Also people find a lake or river to watch the sunrise and begin the celebrations. People wear the classic Bengali dresses which includes saris for women and Panjabis for men. Women wear a number of jewelry pieces and put flowers in their hair. This day brings a lot of joy and happiness to the entire country. The Bengali community feels united and everyone greets each other on the streets.


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