Who’s In Charge Of Your Life? Smartphone or You?

Who's In Charge? Smartphone or Us?
Who’s In Charge? Smartphone or Us?


As Smartphones are witnessing perpetual growth like never before, it has become impossible to imagine our lives without them. It is not just another mode of communication in our pockets but in fact has become the remote that controls our everyday life. This burgeoning expansion in technology has given birth to numerous groundbreaking innovations which have undoubtedly made our lives a lot more comfortable, easier and smarter. Whether it’s online shopping , e-banking, social networking, business management, making videos or taking photos or even the day to day basic chores such as making an appointment with the doctor, there is a mobile app for everything and anything. Due to easy accessibility of the internet, the concept of online shopping is gaining huge momentum, allowing consumers to shop for everything they want using their mobiles and computers. This drift in consumer behavior has paved way for the development of a number of online marketplaces in the region such as Clickbd, Kaymu, AliBaba and many others.

Though these extremely smart devices serve a great deal of benefit to mankind but this improvement and evolution of technology comes with a heavy price. Smartphones have become so deeply embedded in our lives that we can’t think of putting them down even for a minute to appreciate what’s going around us anymore.

Who's In Charge? Smartphone or Us?

Who's In Charge? Smartphone or Us?

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The tech addiction has become so treacherous that it has taken a toll on us and our lives without us even realizing it. These smartphones have surely bridged people from all around the world, have given fast and easy access to information and communication and made our lives easier and comfortable altogether but have also taken away the most important element from our lives and that is the reality. With our eyes glued to our screens and our heads crotched down while we are in the bus, at work or in the car, smartphones have got us hooked with them no matter wherever we are or whomever we are with. What was meant to foster communication between people has now become the cause of detachment and aloofness among them. Let’s have a look at how this smartphone addiction has taken control of our lives and how it has done more harm than good to us and the generations to come:

Eat, Sleep and Breath Smartphones

Who's In Charge? Smartphone or Us?

Whenever we accidently misplace or forget our phones, we skip a heartbeat or two. We are so addicted of checking our phones almost after every two seconds that let alone a whole day, we can’t we last an hour without checking the notifications on our phones. We check our phones before sleeping and also the moment when we wake up in the morning and precisely a gazillion times throughout the whole day. We are unable to spend quality time with our friends and family because of being too busy with our phones. The fear of something happening online while we are eating or sleeping or working has taken over our lives so much that we are unable to fully concentrate on the things happening right in front of us.

Who's In Charge? Smartphone or Us?

The lack of focus on important aspect of life

Just because we are too engaged with our phones, we have clearly stopped valuing and cherishing small moments of life that used to give us the most happiness. Kids are now more fixated on their phones and ipads than before. Instead of playing with their friends, they are glued to the screens of their gadgets. Adults instead of socializing with others and spending time with their families prefer to waste their time on their phones.

Studies reveal that spending too much time on our phones is the main cause behind the decreasing productivity of employees.

Who's In Charge? Smartphone or Us?

The urgency of checking our social notifications like a new comment or a like on our photo, or a chat pop-up, distracts us from focusing on what’s right in front of us and compels us to reply or act upon the notification immediately.

Deadly Use of Smartphones

One of the most apparent disadvantages of the excessive use of smartphones is that it can be a major cause of life threatening accidents when used while driving. Tweeting, texting, taking #selfies, #Facebooking,or any other smartphone related activity that does not let you have your full attention on the road while driving can cause hazardous accidents and cost somebody his or her life.

Change in priorities and attitudes

Smartphones are the major reason behind reduced human interaction and has affected relationships to a great deal. People prefer sharing their feelings over the internet instead of talking about them face to face. They are more focused on capturing the moments through smartphones than on actually enjoying them. They are disconnected at work and feel dissatisfied with their professional and personal lives.



How to solve the problem?

Though the problem of excessive use of smartphones is tormenting, but hope for improvement is still there. Cutting down the use of cellphones and only using them when required can help us get over the addiction and bring us back to normal lives. Giving yourself a break from the internet and spending time with friends and family can play a vital role in reconnecting with the real world.

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